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We’re here, all home from the hospital, completely under-prepared. It’s been a long day of washing cloths, clothes, blankets from down in the basement… fabric intended for our little Malina. I don’t think she would mind handing them down.

I also ran out to the store to pick up some nappies / diapers whatever. We’ve got a stash of cloth ones waiting to be prepared, but our little K is a little too little right now. And besides, those first few just don’t clean off that easily.

We also had a nurse stop by for about an hour today… part of the system here in the lowlands. Although it’s quite tough now – the propensity for EVERYONE to leave this country and go to France in late July meant that the nice lady on the phone this morning told me there would be no nurse today. Tomorrow, yes. But not today.

I said “listen. We have no family or friends here, I have a newborn and I don’t know what to do with her.” She apologized. Our doula called and said (who knows) and then the nurse came. That was good because in 45 minutes she told us a dozen things that will happen that will make us freak out.

Aside from the re-appointed cloths and accoutrements, there are other long shadows of Malina. For instance, Melka told me a devastating story that I’d like to share.

We were looking at K’s Apgar score: 9 at 1 minute, 10 at 5 minutes. It’s good. But a few months ago, we had a copy of our hospital records, and Melka saw the Apgar scoring for Malina: 0 at 1 minute, 0 at 5 minutes, 0 at 10 minutes. Jesus.