She did it. Both Melka, and the new K. Born Saturday at 1515 CET.

For the curious: a prostoglandin string brought on contractions friday afternoon. After not sleeping Friday night, Melka was bemoaning the whole thing. Then, the doctor came in and said, “the midwife will be in soon to look at you and rupture the membranes”. Oh snap, that means a pitocin drip and maybe an epidural and maybe a Cesarean.

But the midwife read our birthplan. She came in and said, you don’t want the membranes broken, do you? She looked at Melka, and she had dilated 3 cms. That was very good. A membrane sweep and a contraband walk outside, and Melka was in real labour around 10 am. At 1330, the water broke (on it’s own). No pain relief, no tears or episiotomy, she gave birth on her hands and knees.

She was amazing. Cried when it was right to cry, laughed at the right times, screamed when it would help, breathed well when it was needed. Our friend and doula made such a huge difference. She had words I didn’t have. She helped so so much.

We are so lucky. I wish every one of us baby loss people could feel this mix of elation and sadness. I wish it for all of us, but I know it can’t be for many – too many. And I thought of you this afternoon, I thought of all of these blog writing and reading (mostly) women. I wish this for all of you. I wish we are all lucky like this after so much unluck.

It was more joy than I expected – and far less bitterness. Just a sadness for our Malina. And flashbacks galore throughout the day. Painful ones.

K is a girl, thoroughly adored. 6lbs 14 oz. At the hospital still with mom, both (hopefully) enjoying a well-deserved sleep.

</holding breath>

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