Today was warm, sunny… a precursor to a national holiday. Our train left this morning without us, our friends in the smoke won’t be seeing us soon. And, our new friends at the train company are very sympathetic to our plight. But a super-saver ticket has no refunds, no re-schedules. So that’s a few hundred gone for nothing.

The oxygen in melka’s blood is high, she’s not developing pneumonia. The CTG went well, melka’s late-afternoon fever was dismissed. So all is well on that front. But they probably won’t let her out of this room tomorrow… so another day in the prison cell for us. Not so much me, but where do I have to go anyway?

You have to pay for TV in your room. I have no idea how much, but we’re not paying it. And while the laptop has no wi-fi access, we’re willing to type things out on our own time.

There’s a possibility they’ll keep her on the IV for another 5 or 6 days – that means staying here. That’s a nightmare for many reasons. There’s a weird thing going on with risk, worry, reaction and reality. I’d say that the amount of risk is one line, going up. So is the amount of worry. The more risk, the more worry. The more risk, the more the reaction. The more the reaction (IV drugs, hospitalization, daily doppler and CTG) the more worry… there’s something wrong, which is why they’re reacting so much. But the worry is contained by the increased reaction. We’re in the hospital… there’s someone checking in on us every few hours. So I can worry less.