Well, more to write soon to you, my new internet friends. My dear, sweet love, my sweet melka, appears to have chicken pox.

This is effing insane.

She’s got spots, she’s tested negative for the antibodies – even though 15 years ago she tested positive – and the blisters are spreading everywhere. Especially on the belly, which is upsetting.

Everyone and everything consulted says there’s no worries for the fetus after 20 weeks. We started 27 today (woohoo.) so that’s a definite break.

But how much more of this can we take? Melka cries, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and my heart splits – again.

And, let’s have a show of hands, who wants to hear ‘well, there’s a chance of developing pneumonia, so be sure to come in as soon as the fever hits 38.4 C and she’s coughing’?