transmissionI think the pirate bay had something to do with this survival, too. We watched almost all of B***lestar Ga*c**ca… we watched the first two seasons of heroes. Both, I think now, kinda sucked. Especially heroes. But we watched them and others, dissected them, dreaded the baby plots.

I can hear the theme music for all of them, and remember the feeling… episode after episode, punctuated with food, bathroom breaks… small discussions, tears… but I think we both had a feeling that if we watched one more episode, we’d be tired enough to fall asleep. And if we fell asleep, that was one more day over. And there were more episodes to watch tomorrow.

How much would this distraction have cost? Without a TV, we were sunk, but the internets helped us get through the year. But there was always the worry – what if there’s a traumatic birth scene? What if there’s a zany pregnant woman character? For months, I would read reviews of every movie before we saw it… plot summaries, character summaries. It kinda spoiled the movie, but so did sitting through it wondering which woman was going to decide to get pregnant, and then turn distraction into a nightmare?

We went to a comedy club. Once. To see the very funny Arj Barker. He was good, but the opening dude… “who here has kids? Man, I tell ya, kids are such a pain in the ass. Why would anyone want to do this to their lives….?” HAHAHAHAHA, I had to laugh, because it was either laugh, or cry. Or burn down the entire club with everyone in it, keep the firemen away, and then offer to put out the last embers of the place with my own water. Okay, maybe not angry enough for arson. But still, dammit. I used to think things were funny.

But our friends at the pirate bay, they didn’t disappoint. (except maybe definitely stepbrothers). it’s a pity to see them in jail now. They got us, somehow, through this year.